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Tomorrow will open in the `Casa Colomos 'Visiones Ocultas de Ausencia'

By the Ministry of Culture Guadalajara government and in coordination with 212 Productions, has given notice of the opening of a new exhibition of paintings that will be held in Casa Colomos Cultural Center, the exhibition is titled Visiones Ocultas de Ausencia (Hidden Visions of Absence) and is comprised of works by artist Adrian Abel, the event will be held tomorrow, Friday August 24 at 8:00 pm and there will be a musical participation of the groups Cajetes Power Trio and Avilez & Extraños.

This exhibition, curated by the artist (who is also producer) and by 212 Productions, consists of 27 pieces that feature characters and expressionless faces. Adrian Abel combines and experience random techniques that become recurring feeding them with a "delusional psychological strength".



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Tomorrow will open in the `Casa Colomos' "Visiones Ocultas de Ausencia"
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