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REFORMA | CULTURA | June, 2011


The artistic side of Marilyn Manson will be unveiled in Mexico on November 5 when his exhibition opens at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. The venue and date of the opening of the exhibition remained in suspense, but on Friday night, the producers, 212 Productions, announced the coordinates. Manson himself will come to Mexico for the inaugural event.

There are those who don't known the artistic facet of "el Reverendo" whom will displays a series of watercolors depicting mainly disfigured beings or expressions of pain or restlessness, delirium or even perversion.

With this exhibition, the City of Mexico will become the second in Latin America to expose the artistic endeavor of the musician. Sao Paulo was the first, where in 2007 He showed 29 pieces under the title Les Fleurs du mall, in reference to Charles Baudelaire's classic , accursed poet.

Raúl Oscar Cid de León / Periodico Reforma Newswire


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