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REFORMA | CULTURE | November, 2008


Sensual and glamorous will frame the artist's first exhibition in Mexico City.

In order to recognize the field, the producers of the inaugural event of exhibition Delirium of Reason, that controversial artist David LaChapelle will open on January 29 at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, are visiting Mexico. The artist placed his trust on them, who that night is looking for sensuality and unleash to provoke "scandal."

Led by the American creative Bryan Rabin, who has worked for clients such as Giorgio Armani, HBO, Vogue Magazine, Madonna, Hermés and Paramount Pictures, the opening night will result in a glamorous LaChapelle´s style, which is renowned in the world of photography as Federico Fellini

The opening will mark the sensuality and scandal, leading to an environment that echoes the artist's visual discourse, said Rabin in an interview.

"That night we will have an unexpected guest list. With people of High Society, but also the scenes of pop, hip hop, rock and roll and politics, leading to a cultural explosion that will transport the audience into the world of LaChapelle. "

But as the photographer and his work integrates glamorous images of characters but also portraits of everyday people, the event also will open its doors to the general public.

Rabin announced that a red carpet will welcome the guests and will be led by LaChapelle himself, who will parade with a group of Hollywood celebrities who always accompany him.

"We still have no confirmation of who would come, but we're contemplating," said Ingrid Barajas, producer of the event whose in the organization also participates Abel Gonzalez and Richard Velasco.

The fashion environment does not "collide" with the colonial environment of San Ildefonso, but on the contrary, said Rabin.

The merger will garnish the same way that two divergent concepts found communion in the work of LaChapelle. As the artist, for example, is able to solve at the same table the elements of pop with Renaissance art, to combine elements of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci with his own visual discourses full of the irreverent and contemporary.

Delirium of Reason will integrate the latest production by the artist mounted on the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York, as well as images from his book Heaven to Hell and a retrospective of portraits of celebrities such as Hilary Clinton, Courtney Love or Paris Hilton.

"This is an unprecedented exhibition, exclusive for Mexico, which brings his latest work," said Barajas. About the costs of the event that opened the show, the producers chose not to give details, but its realization is possible by sponsorship from private enterprise.


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