About 212 Productions: 

212 Productions is a business leader in the entertainment market guided by its fine and exquisite tact. It is prestigious in delivering excellent works carried out under the supervision and qualification of our Director Ingrid Barajas. Having been a part of the medium for over 20 years and working alongside distinguished peers, Barajas is strong and dedicated as a result of her widespread experience in north and South America; reasons enough so that the quality in her work be unique and unmatchable.

In 212 Productions we believe “results say more than words”, and ever since the company was founded in 1999, that philosophy has guided is to become market leaders, has situated us in the most outstanding production companies and reliable artistic services in the Americas.

We established ourselves by reaching the highest of standards – focusing on the fundamental elements and paying attending to the smallest details. We are constantly obtaining exceptional results, placing our quality and our clients’ superiority above in each job we perform, making distinctive and unparalleled.

We expand productions and management frontiers, all while we are inflexible with regards to film integrity. We succeed when our clients succeed – In everything we do, theirs interests are priority. Not only do we offer our success by our ability to associate ourselves with prominent professionals who helps us grab the attention and amazement of the spectator, thus ensuring a success in our clients’ products.

In 212 Productions promises are not made – RESULTS are given

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