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"Let’s take any artist in history. Every one of them could be called insane"

The aesthetic that Marilyn Manson puts in his fine art facet could find an answer in that sentence, released June of last year by the artist himself when he inaugurated in the Kunsthalle in Vienna, a taste of his watercolors, "genealogies of pain", which was the name he gave it.

There's people who don't know this side of the Reverend, by now in Mexico, it might be discovered trough an exhibition that it's hoped to open doors sometime during the next months, turning Mexico City, just after Sao Paolo (2007), as the second Latin-American city where his artwork has been showed, as the center theme, watercolors that portrait disfigured beings in sorrow and unrest, even in delirium and perversion. In this way the singer of "the beautiful people" talks about his artwork as someone who washes his hands and says that any artist could be called insane.

On his visit are working Ingrid Barajas and Abel González, directors of the production company in Mexico, 212 productions, in the past they brought exhibits of photographers Rankin (2010) and David LaChapelle (2009).

"We have been working for almost two years on the Manson exhibit, but we are really close" said Barajas "We are working on the alliances, still in pre-production and production phase, we want to surprise".

The exhibit hopes to inaugurate in place and date that the producers don't want to tell yet, also because there's a spontaneous trivia in the social networks by fans, so they can guess when and where the opening could take place, the first 3 that get it right could be invited.

The curatorial line, which will be put together, is of about 30 recent made pieces, it is being worked on during the next weeks, they told.

While the preparations are being said, the producers share a part of Manson's fine art imaginary.

Barajas shows a lithography that reproduces the "hand of glory" watercolor, starring by a wicked child, unsafe, maybe asexual, while González shows a horned self-portrait, Experience is the Mistress of Fools.

The Manson's gaze, as the way it is in the watercolor, is expected by the fans.

"There are many Mexican people and followers who want to see him already, regardless of being fans of his music or his persona, they are too fans of his artwork", said González about the also actor, writer and film maker.

And that has been well known in the 212 productions Facebook profile, where the Mexican fans are being updated and show in some cases even desperation, "Fuuuu..! I'm dying to know when it is going to be!!! D; I can't hold it anymore" wrote for example, through the page someone named "feer herrera".

The opening of the exhibit, for which title hasn't been defined, hopes to be more like an unexpected "happening" experience, González said, inspired on the Reverend imaginary, who's last visit, during 2007 in Mexico City offered a concert series at the Jose Cuervo Salon, which was at that time sober, without many provocations or pagan acts, a part of his fine art phase as well, that he started to explore during the 1990’s.

With his music, the author of albums like Antichrist Superstar, The Golden Age Of Grotesque and The High End Of Low, has always searched to put in balance his fine art, for what he asks for seriousness. "I don't want this to be understood as a hobby, Painting to me is as important or even more as any other artistic expression" told (Manson) last year from Vienna, the last city in which his watercolors have been shown before they arrive to Mexico.


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