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Scheduled for 2011, the exhibition will bring together the latest work of fellow filmmaker


Transgression and darkness are words that define Marilyn Manson. In accordance with his music, his artwork is governed by a personality that causes charm in some, while rejection in others . Although he is widely recognized within the music industry, as the creator of albums such as The Golden Age of Grotesque & Antichrist Superstar, Marilyn Manson also paints.

For the first time in Mexico, the latter aspect will be unveiled at an exhibition that seeks to bring together his most recent work. The exhibition is still in the process of being confirmed, however the production company that will allow their presence in the country, Ingrid Barajas, states that the event will take place during the first half of 2011.

"Marilyn Manson's painting today, and what is an exhibition prepares his latest work. The first seeks to expose some of their parts and work with a Mexican curator (not yet confirmed)," Barajas said in an interview.
What we are after, he said, for Mexico is to reveal another side of the artist. With this show, the City would become the second Latin American city to expose the creative side of the musician. Sao Paulo was the first, where in 2007 showed 29 pieces under the title The Flowers of Evil, in allusion to the classic poet, Charles Baudelaire.

Tentatively, Mexico will display the name of Hell, Etc. There Manson will unveil his own "hell" with at least 50 watercolors, the portraits generally disfigured beings, mortuary, in expressions of grief, pain or discomfort.
As Barajas mentions, some of which are mixtures of color with absinthe. This is a technique adopted by chance, when he dipped his brush in the absinthe while drinking a glass, rather than in the water container that was setting next to his glass.

Barajas, who heads the company 212 Productions, which last year made the photographer David LaChapelle exhibition at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, possible admiring the creativity of Manson, as a highly intellectual person.

"His work reflects the dark side that somehow, we all have. He is a person who has learned to express her dark side without an opinion that the person on the bottom line is: a shy, pleasant, quiet, which is otherwise externalized while singing. "

Manson's relationship with 212 Productions and was at the beginning of the decade, when in 202 the magazine Flaunt and producer he organized his first exhibition at the Exhibition Center of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

"When we mentioned the possibility of exhibiting in Mexico he loved it. He was not looking. It is something we had proposed," said Barajas. "Manson has many followers here. There is a lot of fans that he respects him. Has a group of fans, and even a few of them knew that he was also a painter."

"At the Latin American level, Marilyn Manson and showed their work once in Brazil, although it was a small sample. We, however, we are preparing an exhibition of his new work, at least 50 pieces or more, typically watercolors ."

Ingrid Barajas
Director of 212 Productions


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