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They look to surprise with David LaChapelle´s photographs

Guadalajara will host 212 Productions, which will manage exportable activities

The "Delirium of Reason" presented by photographer David LaChapelle at the Museum of the Arts this September 3, will be the first step in the company that represents him in Mexico, 212 Productions, based in Guadalajara will manage cultural activities.

Her director, Ingrid Barajas says that 212 - based in Los Angeles - will bring international artists of various disciplines to the country, and once installed will organize exhibitions with local artists to take them to other places.

"Not only (will be artists) from Guadalajara, we want to generate (a place in the City) the beginning will be with international markets to start to encourage the local art and then come out to the world. The exhibitions that we do here we will be substantial, departing from Mexico and Guadalajara to the world, "Barajas said.

"We have a great ambition, not only economically but culturally, leave something for the people to be able to continue. It all starts with a small group and we are a small group, "pointed the director, who keeps a special affection for Guadalajara, the first city she visited in the country.

The first step, the exhibition "Delirium of Reason," was planned to start in the Perla Tapatia, but it was the opportunities and circumstances that LaChapelle's work, known as the Fellini of photography, where presented earlier in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso in Mexico City, where it registered a visit of 130 000 spectators.

Abel Gonzalez, Director of 212 Productions, said that after the conclusion of the exhibition in Mexico City, the exhibition found a similar opportunity to fill the Museum of Fine Arts (MUSA), a space that celebrates its 15th anniversary and found it suitable to display these 64 photographs full of surreal and glamorous images.

"We come to Guadalajara to surprise the public of Guadalajara (show) another way of how to make an exhibition with all the alternative activities, all I hope is how Guadalajara will surprise us with their attendance and response (no matter) if 10 or 100 thousand come, as long as they are worthy to have visited the exhibition, "said Barajas.

The exhibitions that 212 promotes, said the director, allow the interaction of the audience with the artist, and in the case of LaChapelle, it will be through a university forum where you can ask questions about his work.

"He's crazy about shooting in Mexico, wants something definitely inspired on Mexico. We as producers and representatives are open to any project of any person with interest. He is super available. "Barajas emphasized.

"He may not say so, but his desire for the color pink (in photo) comes from the story that he had, with the impact that he had with the pink wall in the Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City. In fact the Mexican pink is his color."

"Delirium of Reason", curated by Fred Torres, is a LaChapelle retrospective, with works dating from 1995 to 2008 and series like "Star System", “Heaven to Hell” and “Destructions and Disaster”. Remains until November 15th


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