October 24th, 2016

DAVID LACHAPELLE will be the special guest of a forum talk which will take place in AGADU – Asociación General de Autores del Uruguay.

MONTEVIDEO, Monday October 17th, 2016.- It is with great enthusiasm that 212 PRODUCTIONS and AGADU present the Forum “The stimulus of creation, the importance of copyright in the digital era”, with the outstanding participation of American contemporary artist, David LaChapelle in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This talk is a result of the presentation of the exhibition circuit “DIALOGOS IMAGINARIOS” of DAVID LACHAPELLE, which opened on June 22nd, 2016. Four institutions based in Montevideo presented 3 decades of David LaChapelle’s career simultaneously. An unprecedented event in which a foreign producer - 212 Productions - and five local institutions, among which Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Centro de Fotografía (CDF), Fundación Unión (FU), Asociación de Autores del Uruguay (AGADU) and National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV); joined together to create a proposal that included four exhibitions, numerous guided tours, open to general public and free of charge, and record breaking attendance during three months.

AGADU is privileged to have the presence of David LaChapelle, for the first time in Uruguay, who will share with participants details about his career and background, his experience as a contemporary artist, and other issues of relevance. He will share the forum with speakers Alexis Buenseñor, president of AGADU, Diego Masi, Uruguayan contemporary artist, and Ingrid Barajas, C.E.O. of 212 Productions.

Notably, “Imaginary Dialogues” was possible thanks to the fundamental participation of the institutions involved and 212 Productions. The circuit consisted of nearly a hundred works, spread over the four spaces, making up four proposals within themselves: - “Postmodernity” 10 works (EAC). - “Contemporaneity” 48 works (CDF). – “Enlightment” 18 works (FU). – “Symbols of Immortality” 14 works (AGADU).



David LaChapelle


Diego Masi


Alexis Buenseñor

  Ingrid Barajas


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